A better approach to business litigation

Ogloza Fortney LLP is a partnership of former big firm attorneys who believe there is a better way. We provide clients the benefit of deep big firm experience combined with a small firm ethos that emphasizes an efficient, goal-oriented approach to business litigation. We shun off-the-shelf solutions. Rather, we tailor our services to your specific goals. And because of our smaller size, we can offer alternative fee arrangements and highly flexible staffing that better aligns our interests with yours. Our broad network of relationships with other premier law firms, both large and small, litigation boutiques and solo practitioners across the Bay Area and throughout the United States allows us to scale quickly to handle any size legal matter.

A proven track record in high-stakes cases

In over 25 years of practice at one of the nation’s premier law firms, we have represented Fortune 100 companies, including market leaders in energy, healthcare and financial services, as well as start-up technology firms, officers, directors and entrepreneurs, in a wide variety of business disputes and civil appeals. As defense counsel, we have favorably resolved claims seeking billions of dollars in damages under breach of contract, consumer class, securities, trade secret, unfair competition and other business tort theories of liability against some of the most prominent plaintiffs’ lawyers and law firms in the United States. As counsel for corporate plaintiffs, we have helped secure over $100 million in judgments and awards, principally in contract disputes and insurance recovery claims.

A goal-oriented approach to client needs

We started Ogloza Fortney LLP with the belief that business litigation often lacks a goal-focused approach designed to maximize client value. We understand that sound legal counsel extends beyond issue-spotting and pre-packaged litigation strategies. At Ogloza Fortney LLP, we offer straightforward legal advice with only one aim in mind: identifying our clients’ goals, anticipating possible adverse developments and crafting effective solutions as quickly and efficiently as possible. Litigation is both highly uncertain and very expensive. In an attempt to control costs, a company may not deploy enough resources to a defense and suffer an adverse result as a consequence. Conversely, a company may abandon meritorious claims because recovery is uncertain whereas the legal bills are not.

Our business model attempts to eliminate this disconnect. While no lawyer can guarantee a particular result, we trust sufficiently in our ability to help you achieve your goals that we can generally offer fee arrangements that reflect “pay for performance” principles. And in cases where we do bill by the hour, we work efficiently to identify the key aspects of a case and pursue strategies with the highest “rate of return.” We would rather handle more matters for our clients than squeeze every ounce of revenue out of a one-off representation.

Let us show you a better way

You may be a defendant in a case in which the legal bills threaten to spiral out of control. You may have a claim for damages that you would rather forfeit than incur legal fees that consume most of the recovery. You don’t have to accept those scenarios as a “cost of doing business” anymore. Let Ogloza Fortney LLP show you how we can change your view of business litigation.

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